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A Dirty Trick, Phoney-Baloney Solicitation For the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
A few minutes ago, I received a phoney-baloney telephone solicitation for the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee. I have no idea if it was a scam to get me to contribute money by credit card to ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 08/19/2009 14 10 - 30
Gates Arrest Brings Issues of Racism To The Forefront
Is Cambridge, Massachusetts, the storied home of Harvard University, the new Selma, Alabama? Is there a racial backlash in Cambridge--long considered a bastion of liberalism--against having both a ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 07/21/2009 105 29 - 125
With 20/20 Hindsight, Condit Story Was Better Than Truth
From press accounts in the Washington Post and elsewhere, it appears that a prisoner already in jail for attacking two women joggers in the same park where Chandra Levy was killed, in the same year ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/22/2009 49 29 - 42
More Thoughts On Political Passion In Memory Of Dave From Queens
Two days ago, I wrote a well-received diary here compairing the passionate intensity of Dave From Queens,with thatof other famous stormy petrels from Queens: Republicans David Horowitz, the John ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/18/2009 16 36 1 35
Dave Exemplifies Passions Nurtured In Queens
The recent death of Dave From Queens, David Weintraub, Esq., at 37, a man whose passion led him to trail Joe Lieberman in a Bush face mask, confront Sean Hannity by calling in repeatedly and ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/16/2009 40 41 2 59
A Competent Big Name For Head of the Census
Now that the failed nomination of Senator Judd Gregg as Secretary of Commerce has called renewed attention to the importance of who runs the census, a bureau in the Commerce Department, it is time ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/13/2009 9 10 - 32
Dean For Secretary of Commerce or Health and Human Services
There are no entitlements in American politics. No one has a right to a Cabinet position. But the Obama Administration needs people to sell and administer its policies. It helps, as Judd ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/12/2009 55 57 2 22
Who Will Run The Census Bureau Under Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg?
On April 1, 2010, the key question in America will be how many people live in each housing unit, and with what vigor they are counted. Some people will help this process along by promptly filling ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/02/2009 34 26 - 24
With Toomey Withdrawal, Only Strong Democratic Mobilization Can Beat Specter
The decision of Pennsylvania Club for Growth Leader Pat Toomey, a former Republican Congressman from the Lehigh Valley, to forego a second primary race against Arlen Specter after almost beating ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/25/2009 24 11 1 1
Caroline Kennedy Belongs In the Field of Improving American Justice
Governor David Paterson's prolonged and intensely public process of deciding whom to appoint to the U.S. Senate did not put the candidates in the best light, but Caroline Kennedy's difficulty in ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/23/2009 172 19 - 36
Likely Gillibrand Appointment Reminiscent of Goodell
The likely appointment of Kirsten Gillibrand, now beginning her second term as a Congresswoman from upstate New York, by Governor David Paterson is reminiscent of the last Senate appointment by a ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/22/2009 61 14 1 29
Republican Senate Retirements May Make Arlen Specter Indispensable To Republican Right
At 78--79 on Lincoln's Birthday a month from now--Arlen Specter is on the cusp of clinching the Republican nomination for a sixth six year term in the Senate. The man once the target of the ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/11/2009 30 22 - 26
Important Principles Behind Burris Seating
Legislative bodies are the judge of the qualifications of their members. Words to that effect are in most state constitutions and in the federal constituion. But, in the 1960's, the most liberal ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/10/2009 49 14 - 373
Howard Dean For Secretary of Commerce
In 1991, after prolonged painful public agonizing and offering the U.S. Senate seat to people who declined it, Governor Robert P. Casey officially offered the Senate vacancy caused by the tragic ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/05/2009 43 42 2 35
Powell Endorsement Shows A Moderate Republican Has Had Enough
Twenty years ago, shortly before the senior President Bush announced the selection of Dan Quayle for Vice-President, I had lunch in the Pennsylvania Capitol cafeteria with Joe The Republican State ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/19/2008 46 47 - 36
Why McCain Withdraws From Michigan But Not Iraq
In an exclusive interview with the Daily Kos, one of Senator John McCain's top advisors assailed "ancient sectarian conflicts," "betrayals piled up upon betrayals," "religious wars that will not go ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/05/2008 13 13 - 3
Questions For Congress In Bailout Bill
In making their individual decisions as to whether or not to support the $700 billion bailout bill, members of Congress ought to be asking tough questions of themselves and of the bill's advocates.
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/29/2008 6 12 - 1
Reality Catches Up To Satire In Bailout Plan
About twenty years ago, I felt inspired by the election of a fired communist leader to the Moscow City Council over the objections over the Communist Party and USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev. So I ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/28/2008 20 29 1 32
Maybe It's OK For McCain To Label Himself A Maverick
Recently, an Obama ad has attacked McCain's claim to be a maverick, noting his strong record of support for George W. Bush. The premise of the Obama ad was that being a maverick was a good thing in ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/09/2008 10 4 - 1
The Leaders Who Cannot Deal With Reality
The Palin nomination by John McCain shows ever more clearly that the national Republican Party today is controlled by people ill at ease with reality. Reality has raised its ugly head again with ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/02/2008 6 10 - -
Obama Wins Anti-Elitism, Pennsylvania Sweepstakes With Biden
Much of the early commentary on the Biden selection has focused on the foreign policy heft Biden brings to the ticket. I do not disagree with this analysis. But I think ultimately of greater ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 08/23/2008 33 38 1 16
High California Turnout Can Defeat Gay Marriage Ban
It is by no means certain that the gay marriage ban will be on the ballot in November. Pro-gay political forces, now including the California Governor, who had previously vetoed legislative ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 05/16/2008 127 27 - 16
California Gay Marriage Decision Rewrites Legal Landscape
The 4-3 decision of the California Supreme Court (3-3 among the six Republican members and 1-0 among the sole Democratic member) that the equal protection principle requires the allowance of gay ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 05/15/2008 34 21 - -
Can Clinton Forces Muscle Her Into Vice-Presidency?
As Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign chances fade away in an embyonic stampede of superdelegates to Barack Obama, at least some of her supporters are pursuing a Plan B, the Vice-Presidency.
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 05/11/2008 121 43 - 22
Obama's Postive and Inclusive Style Undermines Haters of All Kinds
Those who are concerned about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright should ponder this: the candidate whose style most undermines hatreds of all kinds is Barack Obama. That is one key reason why I and countless ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 05/04/2008 266 265 5 45
"Bittergate" Shows Dangers of Social Science Generalizations
As outrages over ill-chosen words go, "Bittergate" is decidedly minor. Obama's decision to apologize has to be based on more on a desire to avoid giving the Republicans a club to distort his views ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 04/13/2008 52 34 - 9
Feeling Sorry For The Clintons After $109 Million Revelation
I feel as sorry for the Clintons as one can feel for any couple reported to have earned $109 million in the last seven years. They are in an impossible political position because a lot of that ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 04/05/2008 70 33 4 12
Why Obama Can Win Pennsylvania
With polls fluctuating with Obama in an upward spiral--but still likely to fall below his eventual peak polling performances as a result of last minute Clinton attacks--the question remains whether ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 04/02/2008 251 381 11 47
Are Mail Ballots Paid For By State Parties the Solution to Florida and Michigan Problems?
On this morning's television talk shows, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida and Senator Carl Levin of Michigan both agreed that mail-in ballots funded by state parties was the best solution to ending the ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 03/09/2008 59 12 - 2
Superdelegate Fantasies Compete As Well As Candidates
My longtime friend Marie Lederer retired from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives at the end of November, 2006. She was a tireless worker who well understood the relationship between effort ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 03/07/2008 7 7 1 -
Let's Raise Money To Pay For New Votes In Florida and Michigan
Tonight on television, I saw some discussion about the debate over the votes in Florida and Michigan. Florida and Michigan officials--acting in their role as guardian of the taxpayers--are adamant ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 03/07/2008 99 15 1 15
Prediction: In Case of Deadlock, A Lot of Superdelegates Will Be Too Busy to Attend Convention
Today's New York Times reported again, as has been known publicly for some time, that the Connecticut Democratic Party has stripped Senator Joe Lieberman of his status as a superdelegate because he ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/18/2008 22 17 - 20
A 2004 Dean Delegate's Moment of Doubt
In 2004, I submitted my nominating petition as a delegate pledged to Howard Dean in the afternoon of the Wisconsin primary. The next day, upon coming in third in this progressive state that gave ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/17/2008 75 192 3 9
Proclaimed Firewall New Jersey Tests Obama Strength
In the immediate aftermath of Barack Obama's South Carolina triumph, the Clinton campaign predicted victory on February 5, listing three "firewall" states: California, New Jersey, and New York. ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/03/2008 20 22 - 8
The Coming Obama Explosion
The first rule of Presidential primaries is advocates for candidates should not raise expectations. But I am only a grassroots advocate. I do not speak for the Obama campaign, and no journalist or ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/01/2008 249 253 5 81
Early Retirements Delay or Prevent Social Security Funding Crisis
USA Today is running this week a fact-heavy series about the imminent retirement of the Baby Boom generation. The first two articles, available at in its Money section, are great on ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/15/2008 17 15 3 1
An Obama Volunteer's 2nd Thoughts On The New Hampshire Primary
On Saturday morning, January 12, just as a meeting of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee was about to get under way at the Host Inn near Lancaster, Bob Freeman, my good friend of two and a ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/12/2008 154 139 1 15
Clinton Withdrawal Talk Heats Up As Obama New Hampshire Victory Appears Assured
Today is the day that Barack Obama is virtually certain to score a decisive victory in the New Hampshire. I flew back from New Hampshire this afternoon, and will soon be attending a victory party (...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/08/2008 88 19 1 6
Ex-Clinton Volunteer Switches To Obama
I now blogging from the Obama headquarters in Laconia, New Hampshire. It is one of at least 18 headquarters in New Hampshire, and I am here as one of 25 or so (and growing) volunteers getting ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/06/2008 26 19 - 3
Expectations Are Now The Standard For Obama And Clinton
Meeting or beating expectations are now the standards for Obama and Clinton as the front-runner's mantle falls off Clinton and pundits debate whether Obama has replaced her in that role. By ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/03/2008 43 6 - -
Obama Gains Momentum In Second Choice Primary With Kucinich Backing
Dennis Kucinich's decision to ask his supporters to throw their support to Barack Obama in those caucuses (probably virtually all of them) where he cannot reach the 15% threshold is big news for the ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/01/2008 39 23 - 1
Obama Campaign for Real
As one who has long had a great ability to back exciting unsuccessful candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination, I join many, many Daily Kos participants in thinking that this year is ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/01/2008 37 88 3 10
Philly National Presidential Caucus Results Give Hope to Clinton, Kucinich, and Obama
One of the great undercovered stories of American politics is the decision of a growing number of Americans to express their Presidential choices before the media deluge following the early primaries.
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 12/07/2007 10 7 - 21
Obama Can End Reagan Era
Some elections are much more important than others. Some elections have not only a winner and a loser, but a mandate that can extend into the future for a generation or more. Three such elections ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 12/03/2007 44 43 2 10
Obama Upset In New Hampshire Appears Possible
Having discovered that Southwest Airlines charges only $108 a trip each way from Philadelphia to the Manchester-Boston Airport and that rooms in New Hampshire hotels are affordable, my aversion to ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 12/02/2007 250 194 4 58
Bollinger Denunciation of Ahmadinejah Concludes Drama of Propriety of His Speech at Columbia
I met Lee Bollinger several years ago the night before the U.S. Supreme Court heard the affirmative action cases challenging the University of Michigan which Bollinger then headed. (Ultimately the ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/24/2007 183 10 - 18
Renewing City/Suburban Links Is Vital Politically And Governmentally
Today's issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer has two articles as part of the Great Expectations Project, a joint project of the Inquirer and the University of Pennsylvania which is supported by the ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/16/2007 3 3 - 2
Norman Hsu Case Shows Openness of Fundraising Process
Norman Hsu has recently become a household name among politically attentive people due to the juxtaposition of his criminal record, his encouraging investments in dubious projects that sometimes fail,
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/15/2007 21 9 1 167
Banning Employment Discrimination Against Gays Noncontroversial at PA Democratic State Committee
When something non-controversial happens, usually it isn't news. But, in my view, a resolution passed by the Democratic State Committee of Pennsylvania at its September 8, 2007 meeting was ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/10/2007 16 21 - 8
Hoeffel/Damsker Election Will Darken Pennsylvania's Blue State Status
Pennsylvania Republicans may come to regret defeating former Congressman Joe Hoeffel for U.S. Senator by re-electing U.S. Senator Arlen Specter in 2004 for two reasons. First, Specter's iconoclasm ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/09/2007 17 16 - 20
Paper Trails, Paper Ballots And The Limits of Our Electronic Future
The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, of which I am one of the most senior members, today voted unanimously to support Rush Holt's bill to require paper trails and, in some cases paper ballots,
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/08/2007 54 14 1 12
Specter, Craig At The Intersection of Law And Politics
One of U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh's contributions as Governor of Pennsylvania was the tourism promotion slogan "You've got a friend in Pennsylvania," which lasted for a while into ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/06/2007 11 12 - 8
Frank Church Was An Idaho Senator To Be Proud Of
One of the sad things about American government during the late period of Republican ascendancy was the declining quality of the people elected to hold office. It seemed to me that a lot of voters ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/04/2007 28 23 1 17
The Republican Presidents Republicans Try To Ignore
Discussing the Larry Craig scandal leads me to think of what what Republican Presidents have the most baggage in Republican circles today. I can think of five, in reverse order of service: Richard ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/03/2007 56 24 1 34
Republicans Are The Party Of The Closeted
The resignation of Sen. Larry Craig achieves Republican leadership objectives of putting a cap on the scandal involving his men's room arrest in the Minneapolis airport and his increasingly well-...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/01/2007 56 18 - 4
Republicans Enter The Era of Postmoralism
God is not a Republican. God has not made Republican politicians into a race of supermen beyond the temptations of ordinary mortals. The Republicans have entered the era of postmoralism--with the ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 08/31/2007 9 9 1 -
Have You Ever Lied to a Pollster or Told Someone Else To Do It?
When my late friend Dick Doran (1935-2007) died earlier this year, I learned for the first time that my former supervisor when I was a Congressional intern in 1967 had published a novel entitled It ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/17/2007 38 12 1 4
Questions for Barack Obama
I am part of a group of people who will be meeting tonite with Barack Obama. Obama will be speaking to the group and answering questions. I would welcome any suggestions from the Daily Kos ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/15/2007 66 21 - 2
Looking Back, and Looking Ahead As Pennsylvania Legislative Session Begins Slowly and Methodically
The Pennsylvania Legislature is one of the few full-time state legislatures in America, and its informal motto could be described as "preparation counts." We plan, we deliberate, we pass balanced ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 02/13/2007 23 12 2 17
Anti-Perzel, Anti-Legislature, Pro-Santorum Leader Bob Guzzardi Hails My Understanding of His Goals
Bob Guzzardi, an anti-Perzel, anti-legislature, pro-Santorum political maverick who occasionally funds Democrats whose elections he believes strategically advance his political goals, has given me a ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/13/2007 34 26 - 31
Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Sam Smith Backs "Representative Form of Democracy"
January 2, 2007 was the historic day in Pennsylvania political history in which Democratic-backed Republican Dennis O'Brien defeated Republican-backed Republican John Perzel to win the hotly ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/11/2007 53 21 3 28
Congressional Democrats Right To Oppose More Troops for Iraq
Congressional Democrats deserve credit for opposing more troops for Iraq. The last thing that Americans need is more deaths, more woundings, and more disabled soldiers. Howard Dean was pilloried ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/10/2007 19 18 - 5
Republicans Name Perzel Speaker Emeritus, Give Him Staff and Leadership Office Space
In a move that demonstrates the ever-resilient nature of John Perzel, Republican leaders in the State House have voted to name him Speaker Emeritus, and give him extra staff and leadership office ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/09/2007 18 19 - 86
Moving Offices Due to New Majority Status Brings Back Memories
Today was moving day for me and the staff assigned to me, and the staff and the movers did a great job in getting us from the 4th Floor--the minority office locations--to the first floor--the ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/08/2007 45 33 3 24
Rev. Jesse Jackson Hints Abstention From Obama White House Campaign
Yesterday, I attended the Political Economic of the 10th Annual Rainbow Push Wall Street Project, organized by Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jackson of course has been a national figure for 40 years now, ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/08/2007 37 10 - 58
How Perzel Bullied O'Brien Into Becoming the Democratic Standard Bearer for PA House Speaker
As former Republican House Speaker John Perzel thinks about his downfall and ponders whether to plot a comeback to a House leadership post or an exit strategy from the House, he must be having some ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/05/2007 51 41 7 223
Democrats Salvage Majority Control of Pennsylvania House By Electing Social Services Leader Speaker
(From the diaries. Best to get the skinny on the drama in PA today from the horse's mouth, so to speak -- kos) In a dramatic come from behind victory, the Pennsylvania House Democrats ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 01/02/2007 157 67 6 49
Caltagirone Decision To Back Republicans Throws House Into Chaos
(Update and context on an important developing situation - promoted by MissLaura.) After the votes were counted in the key swing district of Chester County West Chester seat), the ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 12/30/2006 220 34 7 44
Hevesi Resignation As NY Comptroller Obscures Deeper Scandal of Shame and Ignorance About Elder Care
I have paid attention to the career of New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi,a Democrat, who resigned today as part of a plea bargain that will give him a criminal conviction but keep him out of ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 12/22/2006 38 25 1 10
The Defeats of Two Term Pennsylvania Senators Rick Santorum and Joe Clark
Every 38 years, like clockwork, an ideologically adventurous two term U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania is defeated for re-election by a moderate of the opposition party. In 1968, Congressman Dick ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 12/19/2006 23 11 - 17
Ray Shafer, Pennsylvania's Last Liberal Republican Governor, Dies At 89
Factionalism in politics is generally a fact of life. But sometimes the labeling is absurd. When right-wingers attack "liberal" Republicans today, they are often attacking backers of Barry ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 12/12/2006 15 13 - -
Democrats Now Virtually Certain to Control the Pennsylvania House
The soap opera of whether the Democrats or the Republicans shall control the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, with a bare minimum of 102 out of 203 seats, continues, as Barbara McIlvaine Smith'...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 12/11/2006 49 42 2 9
Mike Veon Gave Public Service All He Had
Either tomorrow or Wednesday will likely be the last voting day of the 2005-2006 Pennsylvania legislative session. That means it will likely be the last session day for Rep. Michael R. Veon, 49, of ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 11/20/2006 16 9 - 15
Control of Pennsylvania House Still Too Close To Call
There are all sorts of close elections. We all remember Florida in 2000. I intensely remember the Pennsylvania House in 1978, where the Democrats had 101 seats (down from 118) and the Republicans ...
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 11/19/2006 31 24 1 218
Lack of Seriousness Dooms Republicans to Landslide Defeat
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 11/05/2006 7 10 1 1
Obama Shows Strength as Presidential Candidate While Campaigning for Rendell and Casey
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/23/2006 125 5 1 19
Hannity Suggests Disillusioned Conservatives Not Vote Instead of Voting Democratic
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/20/2006 29 17 - 4
Penna. State House Democrats Romp As Statewide Republican Firewall Collapses
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/19/2006 35 13 1 5
Poverty Is The Missing Issue in American Political Campaigns
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/18/2006 61 25 - 4
Governmental Access For Bloggers Can Help Change the Conversation and the Agenda
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/17/2006 9 12 1 10
The Coming Triumph of Dean's 50 State Strategy
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/16/2006 62 44 1 17
Expansion of Presidential Talent Pool A Good Development
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/15/2006 18 7 1 -
Will Democratic Race Come Down to Edwards, Feingold, and Clark?
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/14/2006 84 7 - 6
Warner Non-Candidacy Will Be the First of Many
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/12/2006 41 26 1 133
Another Frank Rizzo Floats Democratic Mayoral Bid
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/11/2006 12 - 1 -
Lieberman Survival Shows Difficulty of Using Party toTopple Government
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/09/2006 43 20 - 16
Hastert Failure to Lead on Foley Shows Republican Disconnect
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/08/2006 11 6 1 86
Abolishing All Term Limits Better Than Setting New Term Limits
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/07/2006 76 9 - -
NRA Belief in 1st Amendment Aids Gun Trafficking
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/05/2006 83 6 - -
Foleygate Enhances Republican Factionalism
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/04/2006 11 14 1 -
Teddy Roosevelt Practiced Manliness Without Meanness
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/04/2006 25 12 - 1
City Councilman David Cohen Valued Victims, Despised Stereotypes
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 10/03/2006 12 5 1 2
It's Time for Congress to Ban Member Solicitation of Minors
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/29/2006 46 13 - 11
Is Crime A Solveable Problem?
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/25/2006 10 5 - 16
Philadelphia Mayor John Street Provides Calm But Aggressive Leadership Against Crime
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/24/2006 7 4 - 1
The Negatives of Negative Campaigning
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/22/2006 23 9 - 1
George Allen and the Fear of Being Discovered to be of Jewish Ancestry
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/21/2006 24 17 2 27
Dr. Dana Fisher's Activism, Inc. Focuses on Ethical Dilemmas of Volunteer Recruitment
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/20/2006 8 4 - 2
Jewish Ancestry Being Discovered More and More Frequently
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/20/2006 55 22 1 36
Legislative Oversight Important to Foreign and Domestic Policies
State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA 09/18/2006 2 3 - -
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